Negotiations with the public sector

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Reykjavík city

Efling has been at a few meetings with the city’s representatives. No progress has been made to talk of. The negotiation committee of Efling does not have much hope for the approach seen at meetings so far. Talks were referred to the state mediator on September 17.

It has come as a surprise to the committee to see the city’s attitude to a shorter working week. The expectation was that a real shortening would be discussed. The city, after all, has spearheaded a trial project for such a shortening, with very good results. Those results have been held up at meetings and seminars.

It should also be pointed out that before the last city council elections, all the parties now in the city’s government talked approvingly of such a shortening. It was by such promises to workers and residents that these parties gained power in the city.


A shorter working week has bee discussed. The unions emphasise an actual shortening of working time in these agreements. A trial project by the authorities has shown that well-being, health and work environment all see improvements with such a shortening.

Icelandic Association of Local Authorities

The talks of Efling and SGS with the association of local authorities are ongoing. They were referred to the state mediator after a dispute over equalization of pension rights. That issue will now be resolved in the Labour court, allowing for the referral to the state mediator to be withdrawn.