Efling negotiation committee withdraws from SGS negotiations

Published by Efling on

A well-attended meeting was held in the Efling negotiation committee on Thursday evening, December 20. The cooperation with other unions in the SGS federation was discussed. Up until now, the head of Efling has sat on a common negotiation committee with SGS. This is the first time Efling has extended its negotiation mandate.

The difference in emphasis between Efling and other SGS members was discussed, especially on cooperation with the store workers’ unions. Another point of difference was whether to refer the negotiations with SA to the state mediator. Efling had extended its negotiation mandate to SGS on the basis of cooperation with the store workers’ unions, which was not forthcoming.

The meaning of the withdrawal for negotiations and actions was discussed.

At the end of the meeting, three resolutions were voted on, and passed unanimously or by a large majority:

  1. The mandate for negotiations shall be withdrawn from SGS.
  2. Broad cooperation and solidarity across the union movement shall be sought.
  3. The head of Efling is authorised to lead negotiations on behalf of the union until the next meeting of the negotiation committee, and further authorised to refer negotiations to the state mediator, if necessary.