A message from Kynnisferðir strætó drivers

Published by Efling on

Dear passengers!

We, the drivers at Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða, gladly drive you to work, school, or wherever you want to take the bus.

We are responsible for your safety, but we are only paid the minimum wage. To get a living wage, we have to work many overtime hours. This means we may be tired and unfocused at work.

In our jobs, we‘re not just drivers. We are also clerks, janitors, info-centres, ticket controllers, security guards and guides.

To offer a safer and more reliable service, we want higher wages and better working conditions.

This is why we are going on a daily strike, starting on Monday, April 1, which will take place from 7-9 o‘clock in the mornings and 4-6 o‘clock in the evenings.

Our main demands are:

  1. To raise the basic wage of drivers significantly.
  2. Ensuring that drivers for contracting companies don‘t have worse conditions than those directly hired at Strætó bs.
  3. Giving drivers a say in the planning of bus routes and schedules

Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða manage strætó lines number 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 24, 28, 35 and 36.